DAAD Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarship for International Students

DAAD Scholarship

DAAD Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarship for International Students

Students in any subject area are eligible to apply for Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarship, if they validate excellent school or academic merit, wish to study in Germany, are committed to the values of social democracy, and live by them. Scholarships are awarded to highly-performing students and include a comprehensive seminar program to help enhance the candidates’ social competencies and academic skills.

Individual support by an on-site liaison lecturer is another benefit of the sponsorship. Each year up to 40 students are awarded FES sponsorships. They are paid a monthly amount of 861 EUR and costs for health insurance are funded. Students with a child receive a family allowance of 276 EUR. The scholarship does not have to be repaid.

The German Academic Exchange Service, or DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst), originated in 1925 and is the largest German support organization in the field of international academic cooperation.

The DAAD headquarters are in Bonn and 15 international regional branch offices exist to provide information and advice on study and research opportunities, as well as available grants, tailored to students and academics within their region.

The DAAD New York office aids residents of the United States and Canada who are enrolled or employed at American and Canadian higher education institutions and would like to study or pursue research in Germany. From the perspective of this side of the exchange, the DAAD’s mission is to facilitate American and Canadian students’ access to the distinguished German institutions of higher education and research—from research universities (Universitäten) to universities of applied sciences (Fachhochschule), colleges of music and art, libraries and archives, and research institutions such as the Max Planck Institutes.

During the fall of 2014, the DAAD, supported by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, launched a program called the Leadership for Syria. The affirmed aim of the program was to create “a select elite among Syria’s future leadership” for “active participation in organizing” post-war Syria. In the initial stage of the program, 271 Syrians seen as suitable for university scholarships were chosen from potential candidates who were “either still living in Syria or one of the bordering countries (Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey), or who had fled to Germany”. 

The former was then brought to Germany to join those participants who were already there. The scholarships were to various universities throughout Germany. The German Foreign Office funded the bulk of the scholarships (200) with the balance being sponsored by Baden Württemberg (50) and North-Rhine Westphalia (21). 

The scholarship curriculum included an introductory language course for those students who were not already fluent in, or otherwise had no prior knowledge of, German. Alongside this was a concomitant obligatory element intended to imbue the planned future Syrian elite with the “fundamental and practical knowledge and skills in political sciences, economics, social sciences, as well as operational competence.”

The DAAD scholarship grants administered by the DAAD abroad are available to students of all academic disciplines and at each academic degree level, including undergraduates, graduating undergraduates, and recent graduates with a BA, master’s degree students, doctoral students, and PhD candidates, and postdoctoral scholars, and faculty.

The DAAD worldwide network also comprises around 50 information centers and around 450 DAAD lecturer positions.

Worth of Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarship

International students obtain a monthly base quantity of 861 EUR. In addition, costs for health insurance are funded and scholars with a child obtain a family grant of 276 EUR. The Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarship does not have to be repaid.

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Eligibility for the Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarship

Particularly gifted students from countries in the Global South (Asia, Africa, Latin America), post-Soviet states as well as eastern and south-eastern European (EU) countries. The candidates’ abilities and personalities show excellent promise for an academic or professional career. Furthermore, candidates for the Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarship are anticipated to show a pledge to the standards of social democracy.

How to Apply for the Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarship

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Application Deadline for the Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarship

The application deadline for this scholarship is not specified but the application is ongoing.


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