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The Jonas Clark Scholarship usa university is granted to incoming students who have demonstrated possible to challenge tradition and change the world. Named after our founder, Jonas Clark, who desired to champion an educational standard that would make freethinking and brave students and citizens of the world.

Clark University is a private research university in Worcester, Massachusetts. Established in 1887 with a large endowment from its namesake Jonas Gilman Clark, a well-known businessman, Clark was one of the first modern research universities in the United States. Initially, an all-graduate institution, Clark’s first undergraduates joined in 1902, and women were first registered in 1942.

On January 17, 1887, successful American businessman Jonas Gilman Clark declared his intent to establish and support a university in the city of Worcester, filing a petition in the Massachusetts Legislature asking for a charter for Clark University. An Act of Incorporation was duly passed by the legislature and marked by the governor on March 31 of that same year. Clark, who was a friend of Leland Stanford, was presumably motivated by the plans for Stanford University and established the university with an endowment of one million dollars, and later counted another million dollars because he stressed the university might someday face a lack of funds. Opening on October 2, 1889, Clark was the first all-graduate university in the United States, with departments in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and psychology.

The campus is found on Main Street in the Main South neighborhood about 2 miles (3.2 km) west of downtown Worcester and 40 miles (64 km) west of Boston. The campus is close, with most of the major buildings found within the space of a single city block.

The middle of the campus is known as the Green. The Green is a hub for student activity and is where most Clarkies spend their time during the warm months. It is the place of Spree Day, the welcome back BBQ, several clubs’ events, and graduation. The buildings enclosing The Green include Atwood Hall, Jefferson Academic Center, Higgins University Center, Jonas Clark Hall, and the Goddard Library.

Jonas Clark Hall, built-in 1887, was Clark University’s first building. It inhabits the center of campus and houses the economics, psychology, and education departments. Found in the cellar of Jonas Clark Hall is the university’s cogeneration plant which permits the university to recycle waste heat from electrical generation into hot water, heat, and steam. It was revised in 2013 to a more efficient 2.0 kWh natural gas engine.

The majority of the undergraduate student body, 66%, lives on campus. Clark needs undergraduates to do so for their first two years, with first-years being given housing established on their responses to a Housing Preferences Form. Once first-years have been given housing, a seniority system, whereby seniors have the first choice of spaces left, juniors have the second, and sophomores the third, ensure that seniors and juniors are usually able to live on campus if they wish to. However, some choose to live in off-campus apartments in the near neighborhood of Clark, along with the graduate students outside the 1% that live on campus.


Qualified students for the Jonas Clark Scholarship will obtain a $56,000 four-year award ($14,000 per year) regardless of their family’s financial need, delivered the student meets year-to-year continuation essentials.

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Eligibility for the Jonas Clark Scholarship 

Your eligibility for the Jonas Clark Scholarship relies on your academic accomplishment (those displayed on your application for admission), not on your family’s needs. Nevertheless, international students who may allow for scholarships are still anticipated to display the capacity to protect a considerable share of the cost of their education.

How to Apply for the Jonas Clark Scholarship 

When you send in your admissions application, you will be assessed automatically for several value scholarships. 

If you are granted a merit scholarship, you will be informed when you accept your admissions decision.

The application deadline for this scholarship is not specific but the application is currently ongoing.


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Disclaimer: This is NOT the official scholarship page. This is only a one-page summarized listing of the scholarship. While we endeavor to keep the information up to date and correct.

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