Robert and Christine Danizger Scholarship at University of Heidelberg

University of Heidelberg

Robert and Christine Danizger Scholarship at University of Heidelberg

The Robert and Christine Danizger Scholarship is granted to very good doctoral contenders from Africa (primarily from Ghana or another country in West and Central Africa) who are preparing for a doctorate at Heidelberg University in the fields of Geography (with a focus on Geoinformatics) or Political Science and who need help with funding their doctorate.

Heidelberg University, officially the Ruprecht Karl University of Heidelberg is a public research university in Heidelberg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Established in 1386 under the instruction of Pope Urban VI, Heidelberg is Germany’s oldest university and one of the world’s oldest surviving universities. It was the third university founded in the Holy Roman Empire.

Heidelberg is a city with around 140,000 inhabitants. It is situated in the Rhine Neckar Triangle, a European metropolitan area with roughly 2.4 million people living there, comprising the neighboring cities of Heidelberg, Mannheim, Ludwigshafen, and several smaller towns on the perimeter. Heidelberg is known as the cradle of Romanticism, and its old town and castle are among the most frequented tourist destinations in Germany.

Its pedestrian zone is a shopping and nightlife magnet for the surrounding area and beyond. Heidelberg is about 40 minutes by train away from Frankfurt International Airport. Heidelberg University’s facilities are, typically speaking, divided into two parts. The faculties and institutes of humanities and social sciences are entrenched in the Old Town Campus. The sciences faculties and the medical school, including three large university hospitals, are found on the New Campus in the Neuenheimer Feld on the outskirts of Heidelberg.

According to the funding report of the German Research Foundation (DFG) of 2018, which breaks down the grants from 2014 to 2016, the Heidelberg University rated 2nd among German universities in the general ranking, 7th in humanities and social sciences, and 4th among German universities in the life sciences and natural sciences. The support was normalized to the size of the university. In a competitive selection process, the DFG selects the best research projects from researchers at universities and research institutes and finances them. The order is thus considered an indicator of the quality of the study.

The university offers a broad assortment of athletics, such as teams in 16 different court sports from American football to volleyball, courses in 11 different martial arts, 26 courses in physical fitness and bodybuilding, 9 courses in health sports from aqua power to yoga, and groups in 12 different dance styles. Moreover, equestrian sports, sailing, rowing, skiing in the French Alps, track and field, swimming, fencing, cycling, acrobatics, gymnastics, and much more.

Most of the sports are free of charge. Heidelberg’s competition teams are extremely successful in soccer, volleyball, equestrian sports, judo, karate, track and field, and basketball. The University Sports Club men’s basketball team, USC Heidelberg, is the championship record holder, won 13 national championships, and is the only university team playing at a professional level in the second division of Germany’s national league.


  • The amount of the scholarship for doctoral students is 1,200 € per month.
  • The honor period is typically 2 semesters. An attachment is possible on demand and if all conditions are met (academic performance, financial hardship, availability of funds) for a maximum period of 2 semesters.

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Eligibility for the Robert and Christine Danizger Scholarship

You can apply for a Robert and Christine Danziger Scholarship if you meet all of the following necessities:

  1. You are from Africa (primarily from Ghana or another country in West and Central Africa).
  2. You are preparing for a doctorate at Heidelberg University in one of the subsequent fields and are in the process of applying for the upcoming winter:
  • Geography with a focus on Geoinformatics
  • Political Science
  1. You are among the best in your field.
  2. You need help with funding your doctorate.
  3. You do not live in Germany, yet (abnormality: attendance of a language course in Germany to reach the required language skills).

How to Apply for the Robert and Christine Danizger Scholarship

You can apply for a scholarship from 1 May to 15 July. Kindly send your application documents as one single pdf document by email to

Do you select sending your documents by mail? Then kindly send them to Heidelberg University | Division for Foundations and Assets | Department 8.2: Donor Relations and Guesthouses | Seminarstr. 2 | 69117 Heidelberg. Kindly note that the permit stamp date applies.

The application deadline for this scholarship is July 15, 2022.


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